Dale Chumbley - How To Use Facebook To Build Your Real Estate Sphere of Influence Business - Productivity Nugget #126

I was hosting the breakout sessions at BuzzRE Portland and of 365 Things To Do In Vancouver, WA was the first speaker. I grabbed to do a Productivity Nugget right before he started his presentation. Dale is becoming famous for his 365 Things page but was talking to the BuzzRE group about how he uses his personal  profile to grow his of .

Using Facebook For Sphere Of Influence Real Estate Business

Dale joined me a couple months ago for my  Virtual presentation when I shared my 1-2-1 Business Development Formula. So it was good to get together with him again and to hear his perspective on social media, facebook, and .

Some of my take aways from Dale's BuzzRE session"

Facebook Real Estate Don'ts

Don't just promote your listings

Don't just talk about real estate

Don't just ask for referrals

Facebook Real Estate Do's

Dale uses video to wish people happy birthday

He uses pictures to share about his real estate activity

Connect with people on chat



How are you using facebook to connect with your sphere of influence?