Why Prospects Do And Why They Don't

Lead generation is about creating curiosity and compelling the prospect Okey dokey, are you a productivity junkie or a slow pokey?

Do you know why prospects do or don't do?

Why they or don't respond to you... your ... your marketing... your email... your voice mail?

There are 2 big reasons, and probably thousands of little reasons... but lets stay on just the 2 big reasons for now...

1. Self-interest

No one takes time out to do anything, unless one very specific thing is present: some kind of self-interest.

The guy who created Tom's Shoes, I think his name is Tom... discovered this concept.

When he asked people to donate shoes to kids, people hmmed and aaahhed.

When his message became "Buy one pair for yourself and a child in need gets a pair" the shoe company and mission started to take off.

Your prospect is looking at literally 1,000's of messages a day that are trying to get them to do something, buy something, share something, donate to something, like something, respond to something, etc...

The brain needs to filter all this out some how... and the survival instinct kicks in and asks itself "What's in it for me?"

2. Curiosity and compelling messages

You've made them curious about something or presented such a compelling message they can't help but want to know more.

So if you paint a black and white picture, there is no curiosity, people won't act.

And you can't convince someone, you need to compel them.

Things that are black and white, the solution given, the answer there for the prospect does not get them to respond.

There is nothing triggering the brain to act.

It's like reading a book or watching a movie and someone walks in during the middle and says, "The sister has a twin and she did it."

The mystery is gone. The curiosity is robbed. The thing that would compel you to keep reading, or watching is removed.

People that hate hard-selling do something even worse...

And this robs them of money from their family, their bank accounts and making a professional level of profit.

They hard-teach.

They give away all the answers and solutions. And by doing this, they are also giving away all the income they could be earning.

Don't give away your knowledge and expertise... create curiosity and compelling messages.

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