What I Have Learned From Doing 100 Video Blogs - Productivity Nugget #100

This is my 100th video blog!!!

Doing my Productivity Nuggets, my way to provide daily coaching to real estate agents, has reached a great milestone!!! This is the 100th video!!!

I was brainstorming, trying to figure out what I would share with you as my 100th Productivity Nugget. What I finally decided on was sharing what I've learned from doing the last 100 video blogs.

1. I have learned that I have shared actually very little.

As I looked back over the coaching video's I'm shocked at how little I've actually shared. There are certain topics that I haven't even touched on yet.

2. You never know what will resonate.

I have created some coaching video's, that you, the audience has loved. I have also created some that no one seemed to care about. You don't stop creating content though. Because the video that I did that no one cared about yesterday, might be the exact video that some one comes across today and it changes their business.

Thank you so much for coming to ProductivityJunkies.com, providing support, sharing my content with others and connecting with me. If you have some ideas or want to request a topic for a future Productivity Nugget, I'm all ears.

I look forward to 100 more!