What Game Of Thrones Can Teach You About Storytelling

Last night was the second episode of the third season of . Are you a fan? I am.

So are 6.7 million viewers.

That's how many people tuned in for the 3rd season premiere. Pretty wild considering it's on a premium channel on cable.

The reason why people love Game of Thrones is because of the characters and the storytelling...

But how is this any different vs a show on TBS or NBC?

18 minutes makes all the difference.

If you strip out the commercials on TV, you are left with only 42-44 minutes of viewing time.

By having an additional 18 minutes of storytelling in each episode, the show can go so much deeper with the character development.

Game of Thrones can have their characters sharing stories about  their past over a glass of wine, or a meal. Talking about the other characters while riding a horse or walking a trail.

You get a real sense of the characters being people and not just saying dialogue to move the story along.

This seems to resonate with viewers.

The amazing opportunity that you have in today, blogging, email, video or direct mail, is you don't have to insert any commercials to keep your sponsor happy.

You can tell a full story.

You can go deep with the character, or the product/service benefits, or give complete clarity.

GooRubes and Ex-spurts are telling you to write for scanners....

They say, "People don't read... they don't read online... they scan..."

People who aren't seriously your prospects might only be scanners.

But people who are really your prospects will read, and re-read every word.

They crave the additional content, just like viewers of Game of Thrones crave the additional 18 minutes.

Do you know that some of my emails have been 1,800 words longs?

Do you know some of my most watched videos are over 20 minutes long?

I'm not afraid to tell the story that needs to be told.

As long as you tell a compelling story to an audience that wants to hear it, don't worry about staying under 200 words in blog posts or emails, or under 2 minutes in your videos.

Follow model... settle back, get comfortable, tell the back story and bring your prospects along for the ride.

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-- Darin Persinger