Email Marketing

Everyday for 3 years I wrote an email to my business list. You can learn a lot by writing everyday, trying to sell every day via email and see that much data.

Email Marketing can be looked at as a science.

You can look at all the data, analyze and try to reverse engineer for the best resulsts.

But the best email marketing is approached as an art. The foundation of that art is storytelling. Great email marketing is great storytelling.




Video Creation & Editing

It's amazing to me the tools, software and platfroms we have at our fingerprints today to create video for storytelling and marketing. The cost is low and usability is simple.

80% of the World's Internet Traffic Will Be Video by 2019. The question, if you're trying to sell, marketing or influnce an audience is not, should you use video?, but how will you use video?




Content Strategy

Today's marketing and sales is based on the foundation of impactful, helpful and entertaining content that builds your audience, builds trust with that audience, which in return builds your business.

But without a strategy, random content creation will get you random results at best.

At worst, it will burn you out and frustrate you.


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