Trying Too Hard? Release The Brake - Productivity Nugget #075

Stop trying so hard.

There is probably something that is holding you back, if you can release that, your efforts will become easier and your results greater.

The answer is not always push harder, do more. When people start working with me, as their , they are always surprised that I want to eliminate to-do's, tasks, projects. As their real estate coach I want them to do less! There is a time and place for hard work, there is nothing wrong with some good ol' fashion elbow grease added to your .

Before you start pushing harder and grinding it out though, make sure you have the right strategy and that you have released the "".

Look, the real estate market shifted on you already and now its shifting again. The basics haven't changed, but the tools you are using to do the basics have. Every one has something holding them back from getting results that match the effort. Even myself. It might be an issue of focus, fear or time management or number of things.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get great results while making it look effortless? They probably released their "parking brake". You should release yours.