Gahlord Dewald Schools Us On Google Analytics - Productivity Nugget #074

Are you frustrated with not enough traffic to your real estate blog? Or not converting that traffic into business?

In this real estate coaching video I was able to grab Gahlord Dewald to give us a quick lesson on Google Analytics. Gahlord is a master of , SEO and anything to do with conversion.

He contributes a lot to the via his blog Thought Faucet and writing every Tuesday for Inman News.

I met Gahlord in Portland while I was down there for the Social Media Summit. I posted a video last week of Gahlord and some others doing Q & A from that event. I highly encourage you to check that out also. Some really valuable content from some of the smartest people in the real estate industry.

In this video you will learn about , web strategy, seo, and conversion. I really appreciate Gahlord's brilliance of being able to make a simple process. He makes sense out of it. He will help you make cents out it. Take these tips and start experimenting with your today.

"A big piece of working with analytics  is trusting yourself enough to experiment." - Gahlord Dewald