The Morning After RE BarCamp Seattle

So I headed out for breakfast at the 5 Spot in Queen Anne, Seattle with Dale Chumbley, Katherine Cannon, John Payson, Sarah Payson and Jeff Bernheisel this morning after an awesome day at Re BarCamp Seattle #rebcsea We started talking about eyeballs. You know, as a term to mean the number of  people looking at your website, fanpage, etc. We were talking about Dale Chumbley's facebook fanpage, a real estate agent in Vancouver, WA., that has over 8,000 fans. We were saying 8,000 eyeballs are on it and I noticed that actually, it meant that there was 16,000 eyeballs on the facebook fanpage, UNLESS the people were all pirates.

Thus, this video captured by Jeff Berhenisial and joke I made. Jeff posted to his website and youtube.