The Importance Of Being Present - Productivity Nugget #089

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every , find your in each moment. stand on their island opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land, there is no other but this.” -

In this video, I share the of being present and taking action.

You can focus too much on the long term, instead of looking at what can be done and what should be done today.

In my last Productivity Nugget, I talked about hitting snooze on your . Which really is another form of procrastination. I don't know if it's about not thinking you have enough info or the right resources to start, or if you just to consumed with your that you don't .

“Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is simply passing the time. Action with Vision is making a positive difference.” -

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big believer in vision. In fact, the very first two Productivity I did are about Vision. In PN I shared the idea of segmented visioning and PN was about clarity of vision. You need to have a vision for your and life. But you will never achieve your vision if you don't take consistent action every day.

I think many times in business and life, you are looking at things as an event. As I mention in this coaching video, the UW Badgers were probably looking past Cornell. They were looking at the Sweet 16, or maybe even the Final 4. But Cornell was apart of the process to get there. And you can't be so focused on the event. True success comes from the process.