SEO For Real Estate Agents Success Story - Productivity Nugget #155

How are you using inbound in ? Are you getting found by your buyers and sellers? Or are they finding your competition?

SEO for real estate agents success story

is one strategy that can use to get found online.

I've talked before in Productivity Nugget   about the importance of SEO .

NAR says 90% plus of homebuyers start their home search online.  That’s a huge segment of the real estate buying population. Why aren’t you there? If you are there, are you being effective? Are you measuring your inbound marketing?

I have to believe that homeowners are searching too. Trying to figure out what’s going on. What’s a loan modification?  What is  a short sale process?   Where is the real estate market right now? How much value is my home losing?

The real estate consumer is searching for information online.

Are your providing them with any information? Or is your competition using content creation and SEO for their to get found?

I'm working with an agent that is on page 1 of Google for multiple search terms that a buyer and seller would be searching for. She is getting found. She is taking a listing in that area next week.

Investing In A Moving Truck Or Inbound Marketing

In the video I shared how there is  a real estate team that focuses on that neighborhood. Their entire revolves around this geographic farm. Their entire website is built around it. They even have a moving truck parked out front saying "Buy or Sell with us and use this truck for FREE!"

The problem...

They aren't on page 1 of Google. Their traditional marketing might be making a lot of noise...but is it the signal that the consumer is looking for?

What do you think? Should a be investing in moving trucks or investing in SEO and inbound marketing?