Rockstars Use A To Do List, Do You?


Friday night Kat and I went to see a . Not a band you probably have heard of, just a small local band here. They mostly play covers.

I pointed out to Kat the that was on stage, at the feet of the rockers.

The setlist reminded me of a conversation I had with her father a couple weeks ago. He made of all the bands he has seen live. And I asked him, "Do you have a setlist from any of these shows?"

The only one was from . :)

I've been able to grab the setlist from Train and Better Than Ezra.

Kat was wondering what a setlist is, does and why we were talking about it.

A setlist is a document that has the songs in order that the band plans on playing. It's basically .

It makes sure they keep ROCKING instead of looking at each other between songs, wondering what to play next.

The setlist allows them to think out the order of the songs, so they don't play all fast songs, or all slow songs.

The setlist helps them ROCK harder...

... And basically all it is, is a To Do List.

If a to do list works for a rockstar, it might work for you HUH?