A to Z Lesson To Increase Website Lead Conversion - Ditch The Social Media Buttons


I walk in to the guitar store. I'm in need of some new strings for my acoustic guitar.

A couple of employees are standing around and greet me with, "Hey you play guitar?"

"Yup," I respond.

"You wanna join some of us in a jam session? There's a few of us already at this cool coffee shop down the street we hang out at. We are heading there now."

I said, "Sure." And we headed to the cool coffee shop.

I listened to them jam... picked up a guitar myself and jammed... hung out... talked about music and songs...

It was great.

That night, when I was back home, I realized I forgot to pick up strings for my guitar.

*The above story is completely fictional.

It never happened... but it's happening every day on .

A potential buyer or seller prospect shows up to your website and you say, "Hey let's hang out. We can go to this coffee shop and kick it."

That cool coffee shop is , instagram, and snapchat. And you have setup your website, aka your "store", as a place to just invite your potential customers to go somewhere else.

This is not an article about the good or bad of . This is about how and on your website, aka your "store".

Rule 1 To Increase Website Lead Conversion

Stop sending people AWAY from your website.

I know my story of the guitar shop is ridiculous, but so is sending people to facebook and twitter. Think about it... you just spent all this time, energy and money to get ... Do you really want to send them somewhere else now?

The A to Z Lesson - Lose The Social Media Buttons

Lesson - Apple To

Apple is fairly successful, would you agree?

They have created some great products, established a dominate brand and make a fat profit like Lindsey Lohan makes the front cover of the tabloids.

Here is the Apple homepage... Do you see any social media icons?

Zillow is a ziant  zebsite in the zreal zestate zindustry. They generated 33.7 million unique users to in May, 2012.

They even invented their own word, "Zestimate".

I know it's hard to see what's not there, but let me give you a hint on what to look for... See if you can find the social media buttons.

The A to Z Lesson - Lose The Social Media Buttons

Lesson - To Zappos

Before I rest my case... I will provide you  more evidence of ditching the social media buttons to increase your lead conversion.

Have you ever heard of Amazon?

They sell books and stuff.

Take a look at their homepage.

It's another case of "The Mysteriously Vanishing Social Media Icons".

Zappos is my last example... just so happens to be owned by Amazon.

Zappos seems to be great at and committed to creating amazing experiences for the customers.

So surely, they want to connect with their customers on facebook and twitter. This way they can sit around and talk about shoes all day, right?

A website has limited real estate.

Every little inch, every little pixel is priceless. Especially the space above the fold.

There might be a lesson to learn from these behemoth websites on ditching the social media buttons. From A to Z, they have instead focused on increasing conversion and selling products.

From Apple to Zillow...

And Amazon to Zappos...

If you want to increase website lead conversion... stop sending traffic away from your website. (Click To Tweet)

-- Darin Persinger