The Bedroom Principle


The bedroom... ... an intimate place, isn't it?

Let's talk about what I call "The Bedroom Principle" today...

This is for my Realtor audience. I recognize you might not be a Realtor, so this article might not pertain to you, but Realtors are my largest audience so I want to speak to them today...

People that have never sold real estate just don't get it do they?

They might have some good ideas or advice but every once in awhile they say something stupid. Because they just don't get what it's like to sell real estate.

Keep this in mind... I spend a good chunk of time outside the real estate industry looking for best practices. Thinking about if, and how it could apply to real estate.

But some people just don't understand "residential real estate sales" and that is because of what I call "".

You know what I'm talking about...

When someone says "Don't send those 'Relational' feel good emails".

"Behave more like a professional."

"My Dentist would never follow up like that."

"My insurance agent doesn't send me silly stuff."

Etc... Etc. fill in the blank ____________________________

Here's what they don't get...

(soft breathy whisper) The bedroom is an intimate place.

  • Your dentist has never been in your bedroom.
  • Your doctor has never been in your bedroom.
  • Your lawyer has never been in your bedroom.
  • Your insurance agent has never been in your bedroom.
  • Your landscaper has never been in your bedroom.
  • Your mechanic has never been in your bedroom.

You, as a Realtor have been in everyone of your clients bedrooms.

If you are selling a home, you have been in their bedroom.

If you helped someone buy their home, you have been in their bedroom.

It bonds you and your client in this weird, intimate, dynamic called... say it with me... "The Bedroom Principle".

How many dentists, doctors, insurance agents, mechanics are at the grocery store and have a customer/patient come up to them and say, "We just redecorated our master bedroom. Come over and take a look!" ????

Doesn't happen. Ever. But that happens to you, doesn't it?

"The Bedroom Principle"

Now keep in mind, the relationship that someone has with their insurance agent, dentist, lawyer, doctor has it's own weird dynamic going on with it.

But it doesn't have "The Bedroom Principle".

Residential real estate sales is a weird, dynamic industry.

But, I know it's one that you are equipped to handle, because only weird, dynamic people get into residential real estate sales.

Don't dismiss ideas or advice from someone just because they have never sold real estate. Just know sometimes they aren't going to understand why you do what you do, because they don't understand "The Bedroom Principle".

-- Darin Persinger

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