Real Estate Marketing - Using Amplify and Echo - Productivity Nugget #143

How are you your ? What are you achieving with your ?

I work with my coaching clients on using content creation for lead generation and lead conversion.

We want to use the real estate website as the hub of their inbound . On their website and in their real estate blogging, they can share information about their community, they can do activity based marketing or provide insights into the .

Amplify Your Real Estate Marketing

Your real estate website becomes a place for you to your message and your .

If you have recently done a CMA on a property, you can share the market stats and info on your . Instead of one person seeing the market stats now, you have amplified your message by sharing it on your real estate website.

How else could you amplify content you already have and activities that you already do?

Echo – Get Exposure Indirectly

Your involvement and engagement in will help you create an . Social media is word of mouth on steroids. It makes it very easy for people to share with others. Why can’t they share about you and what you do?

Maybe its simply retweeting you or sharing a link to your website. There are many ways that your real estate marketing could echo out in your local community. And don’t underestimate the echo going offline. People still talk face to face.

Are you engaged and connected with people offline and in online social media platforms with people that will help echo your message? Real Estate Marketing - Using Amplify and Echo - Productivity Nugget

Are you creating remarkable content and a remarkable experience so your community has something to echo?