Measuring Inbound Marketing And Social Media - Productivity Nugget #144

My niece had her high school graduation this last weekend. We had all those going. Volleyball, lawn darts, ball, etc. I had never played bocce ball but one of Courtney’s friends wanted to play, so we gave it a a go.

I use playing a game as an example of how to treat any new initiative or . I talk with my coaching clients about knowing what you need to know going into the strategy, so you know what to measure and how to know if you are winning or losing.

What Are The Rules Of The Game?

Before you start a game, if its bocce ball or a new strategy like , we need to know the rules of the game.

How do we play?

What is the best way to do this?

What can I do and not do?

What are the rules?

Once you know the rules of the game you can really start to create a winning strategy.

For example, with your blogging strategy wouldn’t it make sense to know how Search Engines work so you can create a strategy that puts you at the top of the search engines. Do you know how Google decides to put websites on Page 1?

How Do You Know If You Won Or Lost?

In games you usually play for a certain amount of time, with the most points at the end of the time winning. Or you play to a certain number of points with the first one achieving the point level winning.

I see and business people give up to soon because the haven’t determined how long they will play for and then decide if they win or lose. They quit in the 3rd quarter. There is still time left in the game to win!!!

How long does the game you are playing for last?

Will you try your new strategy for 45 days? 90 days? 6 months?

How will you know you won? Lost?

How will you start measuring your real estate business development, inbound marketing and social media strategies?

How are you going to play to win?