What Pepe Le Pew Can Teach You About Success In Business - Productivity Nugget #232

My favorite character... ... Maybe it's the romantic in me...

... is .

I seriously love the Le Pew cartoons so much that I almost named my dog for this Looney Tunes short.

My dog is a French. A French Bulldog.

is a French name and the name of the cat that Pepe is always chasing.

My dog almost ended up being named Penelope (Penny) for short, but I settled on Pearl instead.

Marketing & Productivity Tips From Pepe Le Pew

Here is what I dig about Pepe...

He is suave. Consistent. Never looks stressed. Stays relentless without overexerting himself.

He is casually persistent.

No matter how fast, how frantic, how far Penelope ... Pepe is always right there. And he never breaks a . He just does his little hop and sings his .

Pepe stays positive. He never looks disappointed or frustrated or upset. No mater what happens to Pepe he always has a good attitude. I think the reason is because he is chasing something he loves.

Are you chasing what you love?

It's important to do all these with your marketing and to increase your productivity.

    • Don't stress.
    • Be consistent.
    • Stay relentless... but don't overexert.
    • Stay positive.
    • Chase what you love.
    • Don't just chase your prospect... be where they will be.

Watch some Pepe Le Pew videos below...

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