Productivity Tips From Sam Sheepdog - Productivity Nugget #230

Growing up I only had one channel on television. WISC-TV Channel 3. It was CBS.

No Disney Channel for me. No Nickeloden for me.

Every Saturday morning the only cartoons I had to watch was Looney Tunes. Some good ol' fashion cartoons.

This week I want to share with you some Productivity Tips and Marketing Tips that I have picked from watching Looney Tunes cartoons.

Tips From

A couple things you can learn from ...

Sam is a giant furry sheepdog. His hair covers his eyes. He is clumsy. His job is to protect the of course.

His arch-nemesis is Ralph Wolf. Ralph's job is steal the sheep. He is always scheming... coming up with crazy, over-the-top plans... and buying gadgets from Acme.

If you haven't watched the cartoons or if you need a reminder watch some clips below.

Who would you rather be?

Sam Sheepdog... he just plops down at the to look over his sheep. He is always calm, consistent and in the right place at the right time.


Ralph Wolf... trying crazy plan after crazy plan. Failing over and over again. "Chasing Shiny Objects" by getting the newest Acme gadget. Inventing and creating crazy complicated plans.

I'm witnessing many small businesses, solo-entruepreueners, micro-businesses, real estate agents and sales people running around like Ralph Wolf. Since when did being Ralph Wolf become cool?

Another Productivity From Sam and Ralph

Something that I didn't get as a kid but I understand now... how funny it is to watch Sam and Ralph "punch the clock".

See, it's just their job. Sam and Ralph leave work at work. After hours they are friends. In one episode it even has them living together. During hours, they work their butt off and focus on their job.

Are you taking your work home with you?

Are you available 24/7 hours a day?

Stop being like Ralph Wolf. Be more like Sam Sheepdog. 

Leave work at work. 

Watch some Sam Sheepdog..