Optimization, Not Just Search Engine - Productivity Nugget #157

This video is from guest post I did, but I wanted to make sure you saw this video. I wanted to share it you Productivity Junkies today, to have you really examine and reflect on .

Optimization Of Your Search Engine Results

Lots of talk out there about SEO or .

Nothing wrong with that.

I actually like the idea of optimization.

I've talked about optimization for before and the success that my coaching clients have with it.

I just don't understand why our are the only thing we should be worry about optimizing for.

Optimization For Your Real Estate Business

As I shared in the video, I feel that you should be looking at every aspect of your and trying to figure out how to optimize it.

All optimization means is to get the most out of; to modify to achieve maximum results; to enhance.

So, what other things in your business could you optimize or enhance?

  • Does your listing presentation need some enhancement?
  • How about your buyer presentation?
  • Could the way you do an open house be enhanced?
  • Could your time management skills get optimized?
  • Maybe you mindset and the way you think could use some enhancement?
  • Is your business development strategy bringing the results you desire? Perhaps that needs to be enhanced?

I encourage you to look at how you can optimize all aspects of your business not just the search engine part.