Look for ways to double your productivity

If you are looking for ways to double your productivity... Don't make the mistake of thinking that it's always about just working harder.

I was watching the HBO show "Hard Knocks" which is about the Miami Dolphins football team training camp.

It's interesting to me because the Head Coach is Joe Philbin. He is the former offensive coordinator for my Green Bay Packers.

Plus, Mike Sherman is the new offensive coordinator for Miami. And "Sherm" is an ex-Head Coach of the Packers.

Joe Philbin runs his practices in a unique way.

He has two sets of competing units set up against each other at the same time.

One set of players are running plays going one direction, the other set going the opposite direction.

The coaches are in the middle.

When the first unit completes it's play, the coaches simply turn around and watch the next play from the second unit.

While that second unit is running the plays, the first unit reorganized to run another play.

The coaches turn around and watch that play.

This allows the Miami Dolphins to run twice as many plays in the same time.  The coaches can assess more players and plays than their competition.

As a team, they have doubled their productivity with just this small tweak.

Take a look at your day... your schedule... your activitiess...

Is there a small tweak you can make that will double your productivity?

I know one way.

Bring me out to you and your team and I'll share it with you.

Stay Productive | Keep Focused | Be Consistent -- Darin Persinger