Dominate Your Market - Like This Guy Dominated The Olympics


Imagine this... You are at .

You are about to compete.

The dude you are about to wrestle...

... Walks in, carrying a full-grown bull on his shoulders.

He walks around the arena a few times.

Lifts the bull off his shoulders and puts it down. Stretches a bit and is now ready to wrestle!


Are you really going to step into against this guy?

This is what the opponents of were up against.

In Greece, in the 500's BC there was a warrior/wrestler named Milo.

It was said that, as a boy, Milo trained for the by daily lifting a baby calf above his shoulders and carrying it.

As the calf grew, so did Milo. By his teens, Milo was carrying a fully grown bull on his shoulders. He allegedly entered the Olympic arena carrying a bull.

How intimidating would that be to see?

Here is some dude carrying a bull and now you are suppose to go wrestle him?

Good Luck!!!

Here is what Milo knew...

... Make goals realistic. ... Make goals that give momentum and progress. ... Make goals that keep moving forward. ... Make goals that have incremental progression.

Are you setting the right kind of goals?

Are you able to take action and see results daily?

Maybe you need to do what Milo did?

Maybe you need to do my "Goldilocks "...

that are Not too high... Not too low... But goals that are just riiight.

Now... go forth and do and scare your opponents.

Or, if you are struggling with getting this right... Make your first goal to Do This.

Stay Productive | Keep Focused | Be Consistent -- Darin "lifting a cow" Persinger

P.S. >> I wanted to share this with you also.

I got tagged inside a Facebook Group this morning when asked about who to hire for a coach... here are responses about me...

Elizabeth Ramsey Golden "Mine is Darin Persinger...he's amazing. I do think he needs to make a connection with his coach. Maybe have him speak to a couple of them and decide who he is comfy with."

Jim Flanagan "Felt I should throw in a male vote for Darin Persinger. He's productive ;-)" 

Rafael Quintero "I believe that Darin Persinger is the man for the job and your son would very likely identify with him."

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