Ikea Effect - How you might be sabotaging your own business - Productivity Nugget #184

The term Ikea Effect comes from the author Dan Ariely.

He describes the as,

When people construct products themselves, from bookshelves to Build-a-Bears, they come to overvalue their (often made) creations. We call this phenomenon the IKEA effect, in honor of the wildly successful Swedish manufacturer whose products typically arrive with some assembly required.

I see this happen when trying to agents.

Check out the coaching video to see what I mean:

Are you a Do-It-Yourselfer in your ?

Did you create your website yourself? Design header? Did you build your listing presentation from scratch? Did you write all your own emails?

There is nothing wrong with this, except when it jeopardizes you from being effective. When your ego gets in the way, because YOU created it. Just because you put in the time and energy.