Follow Models, Implement Systems...Then Get Creative - Productivity Nugget #179

To make your business start to with more , you have to models and .

Not the kind of models that are super skinny and need to eat a meal.

The kind of models that are a blueprint for success. that will help you lay a solid foundation to from.

Systems will also help you duplicate and replicate activities in your business so you don't have to think and remember every step along the way.

Watch the video to see how I show that you can still get in your business, even if you follow models and systems.

Getting Creative

There is nothing wrong with getting creative in your business. Every business needs the "X Factor" and the "X Factor" is you. However, you need to follow models and implement systems first.

I see most real estate agents, because they are naturally creative and have an entrepreneurial spirit start with creativity.

That is putting the cart before horse. Start with proven models and systems, then get creative.

Just as I showed you, playing the Blues Scale is following a model. It is what it is. But once I understand it and see how the notes fit together, I can start to get creative.