Where does it start? FEAR.

At what age? At what circumstance? At what scenario?

Does fear come from rejection? From failure?

Fear paralyzes. Fear causes inaction.

No matter what aspect of your life, the ability to overcome fear will give you the greatest opportunity and the ultimate sense of freedom. NZOne_SkyDiving_3Look at adrenaline junkies.

People jumping out of planes. Throwing themselves off of buildings. Surfing 30? waves. Bungee jumping off of bridges.

These people look fear in the eye. They know the consequences. They know that death could be an outcome, yet….

They follow through. They, for the lack of a better word…MOVE!!! So many day to day situations that are not nearly this extreme of life and death, (although we might like to think they are) paralyze us from being our best. From reaching the success we deserve and desire. We are paralyzed, unable to reach ultimate freedom.

Do these little things that we run across each day really deserve to have the power to do that? Should the fear of picking up the phone to call a new prospect paralyze us?

Should it be able to take away our sense of freedom? Why can the fear of introducing yourself to a stranger and letting them know “you are a Realtor” stop you? How many opportunities are lost each day because of FEAR?

What would happen to your life if you lived it FEARLESS?

FEARLESS of what the prospect on the other side of the phone thinks of you.

FEARLESS of what your co-workers might think of you. FEARLESS of the nay-sayers.

FEARLESS of failure. FEARLESS of rejection.

What if you became FEARLESS?

What if you knew that you were invincible? What if you knew FEAR could not stop you?

The world would be yours.

Look fear in the eye and know that you will win. Don’t think about it. KNOW IT! Then go ahead…MOVE!!!

Do the thing that will move your business forward. Gain the freedom.

In your life, tell the person who doesn’t know, how you care about them. Tell them why. Tell your children how proud you are of them. Tell your parents, “Thanks”. Don’t be afraid to say, “I love you”.

Don't just decide, commit.