Why You Can't Trust Yourself Or Your Gut

I just got done doing a Blog Talk Radio show with Jonathan Rivera, Benjamin Bach and Jimmy Mackin. We talked about and conversion.

I shared that to be successful with marketing you have to understand how people think. And to be successful at , which is conversion you have to understand how people decide.

We all agreed that the best thing you could do for your is start to look outside the real estate industry to see how other verticals and companies are marketing and selling. I added that you should start studying and reading books, because this will help you with the process of understanding how people decide.

Stop Thinking And Feeling

Jimmy shared how he recently watched a presentation where the person said, ""you are either testing or guessing?". My philosophy is when you are talking about marketing, sales and business development you need to remove the words, "feel" and "think".


Because YOU, yes YOU, are not to be trusted.

Watch this video from one of the authors of a book I recommended that people read to start understanding psychology.

to watch the video on youtube click here

Here are some things to take away from the video - the estimates the importance and usefulness of information prior to deciding to store them or not. Another issue is that the brain cannot see a to an element that it has not yet stored.

Illusion Of - remembering a past event that deviates from the event's actual occurrence.

Here is another example - The Money Tree – The Social And Economic Experiment