Email vs Facebook - Guess Which One 77% Of People Want Offers On?

You love social media dontcha? Who doesn't right?

But does it serve you in business?

Lotsa people get angry at me, send me hate email, call me names and unsubscribe when I start talking about the lack luster results of social media or in comparision to other things.

Check this out...

In a from Exact Target, 77% reported that email was the preferred channel of for promotion offers.

In contrast, even though consumers are "liking" brands, only 4% want to receive promotional messages via facebook.

This just adds to Email marketing vs Facebook street fight.

Look, you can continue to build facebook pages, keep that facebook tab open all day, join all webinars, download the facebook PDF's...

(Seriously... take a look at the time/money you are spending on this activity)

Or you can learn how to start getting results from email.

The reality is...

... 77% of people want offers in their email ... 41.6% of U.S. mobile use time is spent on email ... 93% UK population are Email Subscribers, Only 45% are Fans and 7% are Followers

Mayhaps instead of more Facebook, you should spend a bit of time... and even money to learn how to optimize your .

I recommend you start with building a solid skill-set in marketing.

Stay Productive | Keep Focused | Be Consistent -- Darin Persinger