Who Wins In A Street Fight: Email Marketing vs Facebook Pages?


Timeline is coming to Pages!!!! Oh my!!!


I no thinky...

If you don't have an open mind... if you think life begins and ends on facebook... that Mark Zuckerberg is the second coming... if you would rather trust your gut looking at facts and figures... you can stop reading this blogpost. You will not likey what I gots to share.

However, if you are committed to making a professional level of profit and are more focused on achieving your goals vs the tactics or tools you use... boy oh boy, you are gonna love the goodies I got for ya today.

Let's Get Ready To Ruuumblllllllllllllllllllllle...

Who fight: or Facebook Pages?

You'd think with all the hype about facebook pages changing to timeline format lately, that this is somehow going to save your business.

Like somehow getting the right cover photo on your timeline is the  "" to increasing transactions.

Luckily, I know because you are on my blog and you are still reading my blog post, you are too smart to fall for the tricks and hype like that... but lets go deeper in to some numbers and facts.

Facebook Pages

Allfacebook.com reports that only.... listen carefully... come closer.... that only 3% to 7.5% of your Likers even see your Page's posts. YIKERS!!!

The was collected and compiled from PageLever.


On average... you are going to get a 15-20% open rate on your emails *BAM*

I myself get just under a 25% open rate on every email *POW*

data finds that 41.6% of U.S. mobile use time is on email vs that of , which only makes up 10% of users' time on the . *KAPOW*

It seems pretty obvious to me who won this street fight... so, why do people insist on pushing facebook pages so aggressively?

I don't know... why do people play slot machines... why do people watch Ben Affleck movies... why do people drink diet coke while eating a bag of potato chips... why do people complain about $4.00 a gallon gas but pay $4.25 for 16 ounces of Starbucks coffee...

The point... people do things and say things that don't make sense.

You have to sort that out. And I know you can and I know you will. Because you are a smart, savvy business owner that wants to make a professional level of profit.

Now... I know for a fact that setting up Email Marketing is not easy for many people.

  • Picking the provider
  • Selecting a template
  • Knowing what to send
  • Finding time to create the content
  • Guessing at how often to send

I do think setting up a Facebook Page is miles easier than Email Marketing and that's why it's pushed so hard...

But I know you know, that what is easy doesn't matter. You care about results. And the proof is in the pudding, Email Marketing brings the results like thunder brings the rain.

2 Easy Ways To Get Started With Email Marketing 

1. Happy Grasshopper

Happy Grasshopper makes email marketing super easy for you...

It creates the content and sends it out for you every 3 weeks.

Plus, they track their data and they get a 29.34% open rate. *Round house Chuck Norris kick to the Facebook Pages face*

CLICK HERE To check out Happy Grasshopper 

2. RE Messenger 

RE Messenger comes from Inman News... you basically get to license their content, from their professional writers and journalists, for a ridiculous low cost.

You just click and drag the content you want and *ZOK* their is your kick gut newsletter.

CLICK HERE To check out RE Messenger

In the future there might be a 3rd option... Someone got me on the phone earlier this week and asked if I would write their follow up sequence for them... I starting to balk... They said they would pay me lotsa money.... I still balked, but I'm now thinking about it.

I don't know if I want to spend my time writing emails, autoresponders, landing pages, sales letters, news letters for other people.

If I get enough people interested and the money in exchange for my time and writing prowess that creates sales, makes sense... I might move forward.

The fact of the matter is... Happy Grasshopper or RE Messenger are going to be WAY more affordable options for you vs hiring me. So you should probably start there.

Stay Productive | Keep Focused | Be Consistent -- Darin "Happy Productivity Junkie" Persinger