What 30,000 Year Old Cave Drawings Can Teach You About Marketing


Jean-Marie is not a scientist. He's not an archaeologist or PhD of any kind.

No formal education beyond the age of 14.

He's just a guy that likes to dig around in and go spelunking on the weekends.

One of these weekends, Jean-Marie and a couple of friends went digging around inside a cave in southern France. They discovered a crack in a wall with a constant flow of air of sneaking through. They picked at the crack to open a narrow hole. As they clawed and crawled through the opening, it exposed a drop below them.

They lowered a rope ladder and lowered themselves 30 feet to the cave floor.

Jean-Marie Chauvet and his friends started to investigate their new surroundings. Shining their flashlights, the beams of light found walls. On the walls, they found...

As Chauvet remembers, "I kept thinking, 'We're dreaming. We're dreaming."

What they found was the oldest in existence.

Over 80 radiocarbon dates have been taken, with samples from torch marks and from the paintings themselves, as well as from animal bones and charcoal found on the cave floor. The radiocarbon dates from these samples suggest that there were two periods of creation in Chauvet: 35,000 years ago and 30,000 years ago. - source wikipedia

Hundreds and hundreds of animal paintings have been identified inside the cave, with at least 13 different species. (Think of it like a giant full sleeve tattoo. It's hard to tell how many exist, as they flow from one in to another).

Horses, cattle, reindeer, cave lions, panthers, bears, owls, cave hyenas and rhinos. Animals that have not been pictured in any other type of .

What is truly fascinating about these cave drawings is the detail... the structure... and style of drawings.

There is 3-D quality to the drawings, especially when a source of light, aka fire, is in flickering in the cave. The drawings seem to have movement and tell a story.

These 30,000 cave drawings are trying to teach you something about your content creation and .

It doesn't matter if you are writing a blog, doing video, podcast, pictures, ppc, email marketing, postcards, etc...

These drawings tell a story...

The drawings aren't a "How To... In 7 Steps". It's a story.

All ancient drawings tell a story.

It doesn't matter if it's cave drawings in the South of France.... Egypt hieroglyphics inside a pyramid... Or Mayan art on stone, stucco or wood.

There is a story.

There is no "7 Steps to Killing a Woolly Mammoth" cave drawing.

There is no "How To Build More Fires, More Quickly" cave drawing.

There is a story.

You are hardwired... it's in your DNA to listen to stories.

You are programed to be a storyteller.

To increase the effectiveness of your marketing and content creation... tell more stories.

Stay Productive | Keep Focused | Be Consistent -- Darin "storyteller + marketer" Persinger