Easy for you to say...


I'm going to the Packers/Seahawks game tonight... that is the only reason for the image. It has nothing to do with this story...

A few years back, maybe 4 or 5 now...

I was talking with a friend of mine... (not sure how good of a friend because he didn't come to my wedding, he had excuses for that. I'll get more into his addiction to excuses in a bit)

Over a beer, this friend was complaining and whining about the job market... the amount of debt he had... how useless his degree was... his lack of love life.

This was after I basically had to beg him to come out, have a drink and catch up.

"Hey, I'm in town. Come out and have a drink with Chris and me."

"Ummmm... well, I don't know. You guys are on the other side of town... It's pretty late."

"Dude, I flew 2,000 miles. I'm only in town tonight. Stop being a baby and come out."

Maybe I should have just let him stay at home.

Over the beer and in between his whining... I suggested he start a business.

He was full of excuses about why he couldn't do that.

"Well, I'm working on a business plan. But I need capital. And it's hard to get a loan without an MBA..." Blah, blah, blah.

I tried to convince him, he didn't need a million dollars in capital to get started... his response.

"Easy for you to say... it worked out for you."

So I tried to reason with him that Chris also started his own business...

"Chris how much money did you need to start up your business? Did you take out a loan?"

His response, "No. I had all the equipment already. I put up a website myself."

My excuse maker friend... "Easy for you to say... you had the equipment and the connections."

During the week of my wedding, I was talking with some of my friends about why this friend didn't come out and they all said he had different excuses for each them.

And they all had different stories about why this friend of ours would make excuses about different things... And it all started off with, "Easy for you to say..."

Are you making excuses about anything in your business or life?

Are you looking at other agents online and saying, "Easy for them to say... they are tech savvy." ?

Maybe you're looking at my clients, you see their success, you read their testimonials and you think, "Easy for them to say... they coach with Darin."

Easy to say... Sure. I'd agree with that.

But when my friend says, or you say, "Easy for you to say..." what you are really saying is, "That's too hard to do..." or "That's too risky for me..." or "That's too much work..."

But all of this...

... It's easy for me say.

Stay Productive | Keep Focused | Be Consistent -- Darin "I'm going to the Packers game tonight" Persinger