Building A Brand vs. Building A Business - Productivity Nugget #174

The purpose of a business is to create a customer. - Peter Drucker

Are you or ?

Building a Brand

a is about having awareness in the marketplace. But in my opinion, building a brand doesn't equate to , revenue or . It's simply recognition.

People or businesses that build their brand first and hoping will follow or what I call people with a

"Big hat, but no cattle."

Building a brand first, seems to be "putting the cart before the horse" to use another metaphor.

Most of you don't have enough resources or capital to sustain long enough for your brand to catch hold and business to finally follow. Because it could take 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or more for your brand to finally get recognized.

Building a Business

Building a business is about generating revenue, bringing in income and creating a profit. With out these things all the in the world means nothing. Even a non-profit can't sustain with out bringing in"donations" aka revenue.

As you move forward in 2011, look to build your business and allow your brand to follow.

Your brand isn't something that you really control anyways. As I shared in, What You Can Learn From NBC About , the consumer, client, prospect controls your brand in this new world.

So go create your business. Do the things that will generate revenue and create a profit. The way you serve your clients will build your brand.