Accelerate Your Productivity Without Extra Effort


As a speaker I'm in airports alot.

One of the things that I'm aware to look for in when I'm trying to make a connection or have a long walk between terminals, are the moving walkways.

The moving walkways are awesome.

I'm able to get to where I'm going faster using more .

They are great leverage .

I can get on one and keep walking at the same pace and basically cover twice the amount of distance in the same time OR I can stand, take a break, relax from carrying my bags, but still maintain the same speed as if I was walking.

Accelerate Your Productivity

Even though I've talked before about there not being a magic bullet to increase productivity and sales, there are some great pieces and tools to help you leverage your time, scale your effort and your .

Even certain development activities like content marketing and using social media will help you amplify and echo your efforts.

Tools and technology

Tools and technology have a strange dynamic in today's business world. They can either be your greatest asset to allow you to accelerate your productivity without extra effort or they can become a and time trap that rips away from focusing on core dollar producing activities.

It's like this...

I know I need to get to Gate D in the airport. That's my goal.

As I head in that direction I jump on the and BAM! I'm moving faster now to my destination.

I see some people in their business,  jumping on "moving walkways" with out even knowing what gate they are heading towards.

Its just a fun, cool tool and technology so they jump on it.

I do see kids at the airport doing that. They are bored and they have nothing better to do. So, they ride the moving walkways and escalators.

Have more discipline than the kid at the airport.

Have goals in mind.

Know where you want to go.

Then look for the tools and technology that will help you accelerate your productivity.