Why Accountability Fails - 3 ways to ACTUALLY achieve your goals - Productivity Nugget #115

“I think self awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion.” -  Billie Jean King

In this I share I think the majority of the time and the you can actually the for you have in your real estate business development and your life.

Why Accountability Fails

As I mention in the real estate video, I've seen people holding other people accountable fail too many times. I share from the book Fierce Leadership: A Bold Alternative to the Worst how she feels about this,

The fact is no one can mandate accountability for another person. To say "I'm holding you accountable" is pointless. The only person I can hold accountable is myself.

Think about that.

How many times have you tried to hold some one accountable and it has failed? How many times has some one tried to hold you accountable and it has failed?

And yet, how many times have you heard from other and real estate trainers that in order for you to you need to be held accountable? I'm agreeing with Scott here, accountability is not the answer, at least for the long term.

Susan also wrote in that book,

"Accountability is not a process or a tool. It's what helps a process or a tool become effective."

So if you don't have the right systems, process or tools in your business right now, all the accountability in the world won't help you grow your business.

3 Ways To Actually Achieve Your Goals

So if accountability isn't the answer, what is?

I share these 3 steps in the real estate coaching video, make sure you watch it to get the full information.

1. Make sure you are able and capable of achieving your goal. Keep in mind that ability is in the word accountability. If you don't have the ability, the information, the know how, having someone hold you accountable won't help. It will only frustrate. This is where getting the help of a can help you become more able and capable easier and quicker.

2. Create Awareness. Having constant awareness of what you are trying to achieve gives you a much greater chance of achieving your goals. In sports you don't play the game and at the end they display the score. You are aware of how your are doing the entire game. If you are trying to lose weight, a scale makes you aware of your progress. Create awareness by having systems and productivity tools remind you of what your goals are and how you are progressing.

3. Eliminate Distractions. In eliminate before you delegate I wrote about keeping things simple. In  You Can Do So Much In 10 Minutes I talked about how YOU control 95% of the daily distractions that happen to you. For more info on how to eliminate distractions check out three ways to become more productive.

What do you say? Do you think accountability actually works?