What Google Does That I Bet You Don't


Do You Know What Google Does, That I Bet You Don't?

Google and Direct Mail MarketingHave you heard of ?

Of course, who hasn't?

And if you haven't... "google it" to find out.

The amount of money they make with their online ads is crazy...

Google earned over $50 Billion in Revenue in 2012.

$50 Billion... with a B.

They earn much of that money with online display ads...

But do you know how they market their online marketing?

Have you ever received a letter in the giving you a $100 worth of Adwords?

A letter in the mail.... ol' fashion direct mail marketing... with a gift card.

That's how Google does it.

But I hear so and small business people say, " doesn't work, I gotta get found online.'

And isn't ironic that Google uses Direct Mail Marketing to promote their online services.

In fact, just recently Katherine, my wife, received a Direct Mail Offer from Google.

The Direct Mail offer was for a credit card.

Google didn't Facebook her, or tweet her, or +her....

Google didn't run an ad on their platform promoting it, hoping she clicks it.

Google didn't even email it to her.

Google sent her a letter in the mail.

And because I know the vast majority of real estate agents are not doing this in their business, and/or not marketing effectively, I tell you how over a cup of coffee or beer. Seriously, let's talk if you're interested in new opportunities.

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-- Darin Persinger