What Gives You Energy? - Productivity Nugget #162

Energy and persistence conquer all things. - Benjamin Franklin

What gives you energy?

I'm not talking about redbull, coffee or another type of caffiene.

I'm talking about pure, natural . A positive energy. Something that helps focus you and get you excited at the same time.

Vision and goals and planning and and tactics and all that stuff matter. No doubt. But with out energy. With out excitement. It's not quite the same.

Energy is the "X" in all your success formulas. It is the unknown that only you can put into it. So, what you energy? How can you add to your successful formula something that no one else has?

Who Gives You Energy

What gives you energy, might not be an activity you do. It might be a person. Passion is contagious and who you hang out with and surround yourself with is important.

Environment matters. If you're energy level is low, you feel stuck or frustrated you might need to find some new people to hang out with. I'm sure if you asked my clients they would tell you that after a coaching call with me their energy is up.

This is the "X" factor I give my clients. I want them to have energy and excitement to implement what we talk about in our coaching conversations.

Who gives you energy? How can you get the energy they give you daily?