What External Mic When Interviewing - Productivity Nugget #192

Using Video In Your Real Estate Business?

I got this question about microphones and doing interviews,

"Greatly enjoyed your presentation at the Dallas ReBoot. I have a question about equipment when doing an interview type video. I use a Kodak Zi8 because of the ability to use an . But when 2 people need to be 'd up, I am not sure what additional equipment I need (trying to avoid major costs). I was thinking about getting a splitter so I could plug 2 into the camera, but have been told this isn't an optimum solution and I should buy a mixer. Do you have any thought/recommendations?"

I do have some thoughts on how to set up your video, external mic for interviews. Check out my Productivity Nugget below.

Here is the set up I recommend in the video Audio Technica Wireless Mic (affiliate link)