The Best Way To Use Twitter For Real Estate - Productivity Nugget #187

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A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. - James Keller

Almost every agent I talk to is on facebook, most are on Linkedin, but what about ?

What is way to use twitter in real estate?

Do you need to use twitter in your ?

Do you use it for lead generation and marketing or for client fulfillment and customer service?

Check out this Productivity Nugget, where I share with you what I think the best way to use twitter is.

Here is that from my friend Sarah Saturday,

How to use twitter for real estateEven though is in the music industry, I feel this tweet transcends all verticals. It works for real estate. It works for everything.

Listen And Answer On Twitter

Another thing you should be doing on twitter is listening. People are asking questions on twitter, are you listening and responding?

As I mentioned in the Nugget, wrote this great blog post about communication and how we do it on twitter and offline.


Has Twitter really changed the how we communicate? Not in regards to listening. Most of us aren’t good listeners offline and it appears we’re bringing our bad habits online.

So yes. Use twitter. Use it to practice at getting better at .

  • Promote others.
  • Listen.
  • Answer.

Those are the best ways to use twitter for real estate in my opinion.