Talent Is Overrated, Decision Making Matters - Productivity Nugget #154

NFL quarterbacks are all talented

Yesterday was the first Sunday of the NFL season.

I don't remember what announcer said this but he made the statement that "NFL quarterbacks at the NFL level  are almost all at the same skill set. The biggest difference is their decision making ability."

So what separates the Hall of Fame quarterbacks from the ones that are okay, from the ones that don't even get to play, is their decision making skills. Their ability to make the right decision, in an instant, under stress.

You have that same opportunity except you don't have to worry about a middle linebacker blitz  or a cornerback blitz. You have more time to make your decisions and make better decisions.  You don't have only 3-5 seconds, sitting in the pocket waiting for a 300 lbs man to rip your head off.

Choices Vs. Ability

When the announcer said this it reminded me of a few things.

1. The quote from J.K. Rowlins about choices vs. ability.

“It is our choices…that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” -J.K. Rowling

2. My brother playing golf and shooting the best round of his life on the most difficult golf course he had ever played on. By having a caddie, someone to give outside perspective and help him making better decisions and choices, he shot his best round ever.

It doesn't matter what your self image is of yourself. If you have the self image that you are not a tech savvy agent. If you don't think of your self as a social media junkie. If you think you are not good at marketing or business development. Maybe you don't understand what real estate blogging is all about.

Don't worry if you're good or not at something. Seek out someone that will help you make the best choice. Find someone that will help you make better decisions.

You might not have the talent you desire in a specific area, but you can start by making better decisions. By bringing in an outside perspective of someone that can  help you make better choices and better decisions, you can move forward in your business.