Take Care Of The Relationships Close To Home

Because I'm speaking all over North America, I spend a lot of time in Airports. According to FourSquare, I spend more time at the Seatac Airport over any other place.

Luckily, the SeaTac Airport has free wifi, which I don't understand why more airports don't. It would make for more happy travelers.

When I signed on yesterday, I noticed who was giving me the free Wifi here.

My Wifi at the Seattle/Tacoma Airport is sponsored by Google. Hmmmm.....

Do you know who a big tech company is in the Seattle area? They even have a search engine and basically compete against Google.

That's right! Microsoft.

Why would Microsoft, let Google come into their backyard, so close to their home and give them visibility to 1,000's of 1,000's of travelers coming and going from this area?

Protect Your Backyard

In sports they talk about the home field advantage. They talk about the court, the field being their home turf and NO ONE comes in to their home and wins. The home field is not to be lost.

Your home field is your database. Your past clients. Your sphere of influence.

I believe the number one priority of a real estate agent or any small business is to continue to serve, provide value and keep connections with past clients and people you already now.

Are you too busy blogging, doing social media, trying new lead generation tactics that you are not taking care of the people and your business that is close to home?

Is someone swooping in on your turf? Are they coming into your backyard because you are not taking care of the relationships close to home?

At Persinger Group we believe the foundation of your business starts with your sphere.

Let's Talk.