What You Can Learn About Marketing From Movie Trailers

I am really looking forward to the new movie, Cowboys and Aliens. I'm a big Sci-Fi geek and growing up, my Dad was always watching Westerns. So the blend of the two genre's works for me.

Maybe you have seen the or a commercial for this movie recently, but I guarantee you've seen a movie trailer at least once before in your life.

Here is the Cowboys and Aliens trailer if you haven't seen it yet:

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A movie trailers objective is get you to pay way too much for a movie ticket and stale popcorn. So, how do they do that?

Give just enough, but not more

A good trailer gives away just enough of the movie to get you interested, but doesn't give away too much to make you feel like you have already watched it.

Have you ever gone to a movie and realized the best parts of the movie actually was in the trailer?

Take a look at your marketing. Does it create desire?

Or are you giving everything way?

Evidence of success

In this trailer they show who the director is, . And just in case you don't recognize the name, they tell you that he was the director of Iron Man. If you don't know who Jon is, maybe you are aware of his work.

They also show the Executive Producers, one of who is Ron Howard.

And of course, in case you couldn't identify them by their face, the trailer shows starring Harrison Ford & Daniel Craig.

Other times trailers will show or say the awards or accolades a writer, director or actor has had in the past. For example, 2 time Golden Globe winner, or Oscar nominee.

Take a look at your marketing, how do you give evidence of success?


Sometimes an entire movie trailer or promo is simply just testimonials of people that have already seen it.

"Best action flick of the year."

"Funniest comedy since The Hangover."

Sometimes, you even only get one word.




Take a look at your marketing, how are you using testimonials and what others say about you and your business, in your marketing?

Applying movie trailer marketing tactics

Take a look at these ideas and be more aware the next time you watch a movie trailer.

Look to apply these tactics to your marketing and your blogging.