Real Estate Lead Generation Using Craigslist And Video - Productivity Nugget #168

and . Kinda. Here is an idea for you.

On Saturday I sent a productivity pearl to my productivity junkies email list.

I shared with them a tactic that a few of my coaching clients having been using for awhile now. The video was watched 94 times in the first few minutes. And even though I didn't want the real estate lead generation using craiglist video out to the public just yet, people started sharing it.

"Loved the Craigslist video tip." - Tech Savvy Agent

"thank you SO much for sharing that link!!!! // that post rocked it and so shareworthy!" - janiec

Destroy your competition

The reason I call this "real estate lead generation using craigslist and video, kinda" is that you are not using video in craigslist, but using the a screenshot to drive traffic back to your real estate website.

Make sure you watch the Productivity Nugget as I walk you through, step by step, how to do this.

Chances are, if you don't do this, some one else in your market place is going to be.