Practice Breaking Bricks - Productivity Nugget #082

How can you practice breaking bricks in your business and life?

I was watching a show this weekend called Fight Quest. One of the lines that stood out to me was during the episode where one of the guys was learning how to break bricks. I share the line in my and why I like it so much.

In many parts of our business we hesitate, procrastinate and wait until things are perfect. We don't want to put out that real estate blog until its perfect. We don't want to make that phone call until we know exactly what to say.

With how fast the world moves now, Ready - Aim - Fire, just doesn't work. You have to take aim and fire, not being afraid to miss and adjust your aim and fire again.  <=2 links to coaching videos of a process I call AIM and FIRE.

I have also talked in past about making things as easy as PIE.

You have bricks to break in your  business and your life? It's time to start practice breaking them.