More Effort, Less Judgment - Productivity Nugget #124

Also titled Happy 3rd Birthday to Pearl the French Bulldog

“Success is dependent on effort.” -  Sophocles

Today is Pearl's so I wanted to feature her. It was also a good time to share something that I have learned about and .

In today’s Productivity Nugget:

0:16 Meet Pearl the French Bulldog

0:32 What Pearl the French Bulldog and Nugget the French Bulldog have to do with Effort and Judgment

0:56 The problem of passing judgment

1:32 What Pearl can do

1:48 Pearl rolling over

2:01 Look at your business, is effort a bad thing?

2:13 Effort is a good thing

2:27 What Pearl taught me

2:40 46 Two things to be introspective on

Yes, I have said in the past to stop trying so hard and release the brake. That doesn't mean you stop putting in effort.

Stop Judgment

“Judgements prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances.” -

Stop judgment of yourself.

Stop judgment of others.

You might be judging yourself on the amount of effort it takes to succeed. Thinking should come with out effort and it should be easy.

Judging the people around you and the success they have. Maybe you think that they are capable of something more. Or maybe you're judging their success as coming easy, when you don't really know the effort it took them.

To let you know, not all can roll over.

Effort is not a bad thing

We all have a learning curve. There are always obstacles, challenges and roadblocks. That doesn't mean you can't get to where you want to go.

Maybe it won't be pretty. Pearl's rolling over is not the most graceful thing in the world. She gets it done though. She puts in the effort.

Where do you need to put in more effort?