Master The Mechanics, Then Add Your Style - Productivity Nugget #204

“The next time anyone is inclined to sneer at the basics as "traditional," I suggest he or she visit with a 12th -or even a sixth-grader who can barely read, write or compute and look at the pain and frustration on that student's face” - Albert Shanker

Last week, I shared why the best also fall the most.

There are lessons about and life all around us, I'm just picking them up from wakeboarding right now.

I know in the world today of High Tech and it is easy to overlook the basics and the foundational elements of .  But you can't.

In the this Productivity Nugget:

  • What separates the professionals from the amateurs and beginners
  • What to do when something feels uncomfortable
  • What about adding your own personality and to business
  • The importance of mastering the foundational elements of business