A New Marketing And Productivity Podcast Is Up - Productivity Nugget #228

There is a new and up and ready for you...

If I was you, I would go for walk (The sun is out in the , so that's what I'm going to do)... and to show by downloading this on to your chosen MP3 player or just listen to the audio off the website on your phone...


In this episode...

  • The best ways to use for
  • The best to focus on first
  • Is Jonathan a fan of Pandora or
  • 2 things you should look for in picking out a IDX
  • Learn why Jonathan is doing less "stuff" but making more $$$
  • Get the scoop on my issue with the celebration ADD Culture we've become



Stay Productive | Keep Focused | Be Consistent -- Darin Persinger

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"Super Awesome--listen twice!"

"Darin and Jonathan consistenly deliver the insight needed to keep your work less cluttered and more impactufl, long before this . To have it now delivered in this format is even better. Thanks for helping plant the seeds to help my grow!"

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