Marketing Lesson From Biggest Loser

"Noooo! Don't go to commercial!" This was Katherine's reaction last night when watching the .

They were doing the weigh in and one of the contestants got on the scale.

This contestant needed to have lost 5 lbs for her team to win and for them to be safe from eliminating anyone.

She was the last one to get on the scale.

It was left up to her. Just her.

She got on the scale.

The scale starts flickering around. Numbers going up and down. Seem serious dramatic music playing and then....

The show goes to commercial!

Katherine throws her arms up in the air, "Noooooo! Don't go to commercial!"


That is great and .

They are creating suspense.

They are creating desire.

They are telling a story that is compelling and draws you in.

You better believe that Katherine didn't let me change the channel during the commercial.

Are you creating compelling marketing messages that create desire in your prospect?

Do your prospects want to know more?

Are they willing to wait around to hear or see what comes next?

Or maybe willing to take immediate action to find out what is next?

I think and social media has made us lazy marketers.

Some people might argue that old school marketing is dead and it's all about now.

That people will buy or sell with you just because they Like your facebook or follow you on twitter or you engage with them.

I say Hogwash!

Good marketing. Compelling storytelling. Marketing that creates suspense and desire still works and will always work.

It's baked into our DNA.

Don't be lazy with your marketing, emails, information, knowledge and blog posts.

Don't just give it away, give it away, give it away like the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Create desire.

Go back thru all your marketing content, every blog post, every landing page, every email and see if you are truly creating desire with a compelling message.

Does it make the prospect want to take action, to find out more info, to come back tomorrow, to show up to your event, to email you back, or pick up the phone and call you?

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