I see you Oel ngati kameie!


! That would be the translation of " ngati kameie!"

"Oel ngati kameie" means "I see you" in the Navi language, from the movie Avatar.

What a wonderful greeting, huh?

I see you!

Acknowledging someone. Letting them know you see them, that you are giving them attention.

Boy, that sure seems the opposite of and especially now a days.

There seems to be a lot of screaming online, "!!!"

How's that working for you?

Is your page bringing you business?

Is your facebook profile bringing you the transactions that so many GooRoo's and Experts promised?

Can you truly justify that the time you have spent on twitter has been worth the investment?

How about your blog? Is it really generating leads and helping you close more transactions?

Stop Doing What You've Been Told

If you've been doing what all the social media experts or the agent in your office has told you to do and its not working...Stop it.

I'm willing to bet, a lot of the tactics and ideas they are telling you to do, would full under the the "Look at me!!!" category.

Why not try the "I see you." idea?

Instead of building a new facebook page or worrying about how many Likers you have... Go "write something..." on a friends, past client, or neighbors wall. <- If you do this you will see why I said "write something..."

Let them know, "I see you."

Instead of writing another blog post or doing another video... Go leave a comment on a local bloggers site or youtube channel.

Let them know, "I see you."

If you've been doing what you've been told and it's not working. Stop. Pivot. Go the other direction. That doesn't mean stop using social media, that just means, use it different.

Instead of the "Look at me" approach, that I see so many doing and trying to figure out how to make work, why not try the "I see you" method.

This is the method we take inside Persinger Group.

It's about using the tools and social media effectively. Not just using them, to use them.

If you want to be more effective with your entire business and your approach to social media, you should become a Real Estate Advisor at Persinger Group.

So, what are you going to do today, to let someone know you see them?