Learn This Lesson From Marvel If You Want Your Business To Thrive

I was up early this morning with Morgan (cuz that's what mornings look like now) and I decided to check out Daredevil on Netflix. A bit darker and edgier than other Marvel shows/movies right now, but I want to save my thoughts about Daredevil for now...

First, let me go back in time and share with an old email and a portion of my book 5 Levels of Success.....

Marveling at marvelous mistakes in Marvel’s movie – The Avengers

It’s wonderfully interesting to me…

I’ll get emails from people yelling at me about spelling errors, grammar errors, and how else I’m in error. For example, the other week I got an email and all it said was… “Why can’t you write in proper english!”

Today’s lesson is… You can either create or you can critique. Did you see the Marvel’s movie, “The Avengers”? If not, you’re probably the only one. The Avengers had the biggest box office opening in history. So Avengers made more money on that opening weekend vs any other movie. It is also currently the #3 money maker movie of all time domestic and worldwide.

It was the fastest movie to ever gross $500 million It is #1 for opening week earnings even when adjusted. Meaning looking at inflation and movie ticket prices over time.

That’s pretty marvelous, wouldn’t you agree?

Joss Whedon, the writer and director of the film created something special.

Here’s the real kicker… As a sci-fi nerd I came across a blog post the other night titled.. “THE AVENGERS Is The Most Mistake Filled Movie Of 2012? It goes on to point out 15 mistakes the movie makes, such as…

Factual error: The video game company NAMCO Bandai is misspelled twice as “NAMECO Bandai” in the end credits.

Continuity: Just after Dr. Banner asks Nick Fury how many spectrometers the Helicarrier has access to, he takes off his jacket, rolls it up, and puts it under his arm. In the next shot, the jacket is suddenly draped over his arm.

Audio problem: When Bruce Banner meets Natasha Romanoff for the first time in Calcutta, there’s a shot from behind her where Natasha is heard talking but her reflection in the small mirror behind Bruce isn’t.

Who do think is enjoying life more right now… all the people involved in creating the biggest box office opener of all time OR… the people that created this list calling the movie the most mistake filled of the year?

You can either create or you can critique… And this doesn’t just come down to you critiquing my work, or others work. What this is really about is how much time, energy and money are you wasting critiquing YOUR work?

You are paralyzing yourself in perfection and doubts.

But it’s up to you, you can either create or you can critique. You are always going to have your critics, just don’t be one yourself. If you are done critiquing and ready to start creating…

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