Inbound Marketing - Why You Need To Use Inbound Marketing In Your Real Estate Business - Productivity Nugget #151

Inbound Marketing

Inbound is my favorite term right now.  It's not . It's not social media. It's all this and more combined.

Inbound marketing is about getting found.

It's getting found by your that you want, with the message that you want them to find. The reason why you need to use inbound marketing as a part of your strategy is that's where the people are. and sellers are online looking for information. Heck, all consumers are online looking for information!

We filter out all the things that we don't want. All these marketing messages that we want nothing to do with. TiVo, DVR, Netflix, caller ID, spam filters, privacy settings, iPods...all these things help filter out marketing messages we don't want to hear.

What is your real estate business development strategy?

NAR says 90% plus of homebuyers start their home search online.  That's a huge segment of the buying population. Why aren't you there? If you are there, are you being effective? Are you measuring your inbound marketing?

I have to believe that homeowners are searching too. Trying to figure out what's going on. What's a loan modification?  What is  a short sale process?   Where is the real estate market right now? How much value is my home losing?

These are things that homeowners are out there searching for online. Looking for answers to questions.

The question becomes for your develop strategy helping you get found when sellers and buyers search for information? Are will your competition to get found?