How Jimmy Mackin, A Great Facebook Marketing Resource, Stays Productive - Productivity Nugget #215

While speaking at the Agent Reboot event in Boston recently, I sat down with Jimmy Mackin. If you don't know who Jimmy Mackin is, I'm guessing you are not using facebook.

Jimmy has forgot more about marketing on Facebook, then you or I will probably ever know.

Jimmy and I talked about how he stays productive.

He has many projects going on, a high demand for his time and he uses Facebook ALOT, which can be a huge time suck.

So how does Jimmy Mackin  stay productive?

In this Productivity Podcast we talk about:

  • The technique Jimmy uses to stay productive
  • The problems of multi-tasking
  • Importance of controlling environment
  • How he gets done in a day, what use to take a week
  • Succeeding on Facebook with out being on 24/7

Take a listen to the Productivity Podcast.

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