How Bad Information Will Cause Your Business To Fail

I'm seeing some , at least from my perspective, being passed around the internet and in real estate office training classes lately. I'll bad information as when someone or some takes a micro sample of data or their best and defines something as the next "best practice" or writes it off as a failure.

This does not serve any one in the , especially .

There is a lot of poor, misguided, disingenuous content being passed around and you some how have to figure out what it is. Because if you don't, you could be out of business.

It Starts With Bad Information

I don't know why people feel the need to put out bad information, but its there.

Let me clarify that I don't feel there are such things as bad opinions, but information is defined as: "Facts provided or learned about something or someone."

So when someone is presenting ideas, assumptions, theory or guesses as FACT, that to them giving .

When you get bad from someone, you make .

When you make bad decisions, you get bad results.

And continuous bad results will to .

Ask More, Ask Better Questions

To make sure you can separate the good information, from the bad information, from the opinion, ask questions.

Ask more questions... not to engage for social media sake....but to get people to actually back up what they are saying.

  • Ask where they get the data.
  • Ask if they have experience with that.
  • Ask to see it.
  • Ask to talk to the people they reference as stats, but don't give names.
  • Ask more questions.

I don't feel that I'm going to be able to ever stop people from putting out bad information or doing misguiding, unethical marketing, but maybe what I can do is help you cut off the process by not making bad decisions on peoples bad advice.

How do you know what is good or bad information? Fact from opinion?

How do you make better decisions for your business?