Face To Face Connections Still Matter - Productivity Nugget #105

"The greatest opportunity to enrich a relationship with a customer is when you are face to face." - Susan Scott

Nothing replaces face to face personal connections

can't it. can't replace it. Ustream can't. Not . Not even .

In this video, I had just landed back in Seattle after a trip down to Phoenix, to attend the Phoenix RE , met some potential clients and had conversations with some about socialcruiting.

I made some great with people like Kristin Lavanway of HereInPhoenix.com, Dean Ouellette of DeanSellsAZ.com, Justin McHood, Jay Thompson - The Phoenix Real Estate Guy and Nick Bastian of Raillife.com. I met many more people and had some great conversations with other wonderful people in the , just too many to list here right now.

What became even more obvious to me after enhancing these great relationships, with people that I had already connected with online, is that to face connections still in your real estate business. Face to face still matters in life. As evident by the number of people in the airport when I did this video.